Here are reviews to be found on the back cover of Characters Who Can Make Or Break Your Small Business :

“There is such an incredible wealth of wisdom in this book – and it’s possible to just dip into a chapter (character) at a time. I loved the conversational, story-telling style, which is often funny and so very true. As a business owner/entrepreneur of many years, I can totally identify with and vouch for what Michael best has to say.”   – SYLVIA MALINOWSKI – Small business owner & business coach. Somerset West, South Africa.

“Really refreshing to read a down to earth observation of what it’s like to run and survive the obstacles of small business.” – GORDON ROBB – Investment banker & small business owner. Oakville, Ontario.

“This book is highly consumable, easily digestible . . . it will resonate with anyone thinking about going into business. The tone is one of a learned pal chatting about his experiences with you over a coffee . . . Michael Best is right there beside the reader the whole way and that is probably my favourite characteristic and perhaps most importantly too, it’s a fun read.” NEIL GARDNER – Founder and President – Systematiq Inc. Calgary, Canada.

“It’s clever, concrete, funny and fresh! If you’re thinking of starting a small business, or if you’re already there, this is the book for you. It contains all the practical advice you’ll ever need.” NATALIE CONYER – Writer & Editor. Sydney, Australia.