What if a stranger suddenly popped up out of nowhere and made you an offer almost too good to be true?

“I can share a ton of wisdom and experience you can use to improve your business in every respect. I can promise you big ideas, small ideas, exciting ideas—stuff you’d likely never even think about. And the best part is that I’m willing to share this treasure trove of invaluable information for virtually no cost. All you have to do is give me some of the time you currently waste watching TV and surfing the Internet.”

As a scam-wary small business owner, you’d probably be skeptical: “Oh yeah? Who are you and where’s the catch?”

The stranger, not at all deterred by your skepticism, replies, “There’s no catch. I’m the embodiment of every business author who has ever written, and will ever write, a business book or article. The gift I’m offering is guaranteed to benefit you and your business. You just have to make the effort to become a habitual reader of business books, articles, and posts.”